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Civil Engineering Department

Labs Information

Laboratory Work

Labs related to various courses of civil engineering program are primarily involved in demonstrations with hands on experience. Students must perform in a team of 2-3 members depending on the nature and time of experiment available for the lab work. Every class is divided into two sections for laboratory work and every half is engaged in different laboratories. Small and large machines are equipped to perform different types of experiments in each laboratory of the department. Assessment for each lab is being carried out with the help of three domains of bloom’s taxonomy i.e. psychomotor, cognitive and affective. The components like equipment usage safety measures and instrument handling contribute in the psychomotor domain while, documentation, quizzes and viva correspond to Cognitive domain. Additionally, Ethical behavior is also being assessed in Affective domain.
Civil Engineering Department, QCET, Sahiwal has number of laboratories used for academic purpose. Laboratories have been designed in accordance with modern equipment utility. Generalized safety measures like hard hats, gloves, goggles and hard toe shoes have been provided in all relevant laboratories. First aid boxes and credible fire extinguishers are ensured in all labs and evacuation plans have been displayed. In addition, some other safety regulations specifically highlighted against each corresponding laboratory. Civil Engineering Department (CED) has nine laboratories to cover the practical portions of different engineering courses. In each laboratory, advanced equipment and computing facilities are available, enabling the students to conduct different experiments and to get hands-on practical experience of engineering subjects. Software are also used in labs according to courses. Following is the detail of laboratories. Management has authorized HOD/In-Charge for overall maintenance of Laboratory, whereas staff members with the attendant are always necessary to be present in Laboratory. Attendant is responsible to maintain all equipment and documentation etc.
Manuals and Instructions for Laboratory:
All these manuals and instructions are issued by HOD for proper regulations for each Laboratory. Coordinator has duty to keep checking the records on weekly basis whereas in-charge is responsible for all manuals and its copies for the immediate access to students and faculty members during the laboratory work performance.

Concrete Laboratory
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Environmental Engineering Laboratory
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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory
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Highway Engineering Laboratory
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Soil Mechanics Laboratory
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Structural Engineering Laboratory
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Survey and Levelling Laboratory
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