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Civil Engineering Department

Concrete Laboratory

Location:- Ground Floor Civil Engineering Labs Block

Lab Objective:- To perform compression and tensile tests on steel and concrete specimen, and to understand and to determine various characteristics of concrete.

Courses Taught:- Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I, Plain & Reinforced Concrete-II, Design of Structures and Mechanics of Materials etc.

Adequacy for Instruction:- Excellent

Software Available if Applicable:- SAP, ETABS

Major Equipment:-:- Compression Testing Machine (CTM), Bulk Density Apparatus, Vicat Apparatus, Le-Chatelier Apparatus, Specific Gravity Apparatus, Oven, Vibrator, Air Entrained, Apparatus,Rebound Hammer, Admixtures, Quartering Box, Float Table Apparatus, Sand Shaker, Cube Molds/Cylinder Molds, Slump Cone Test Apparatus, Mixture Machine

Safety Regulations:- Helmets and gloves are mandatory to use while performing laboratory experiments. In addition, the presence of Lab Assistant is mandatory in case testing on Universal Testing Machine (UTM). A dedicated Cautioned Zone is being defined while performing tests on UTM.

Asad Islam
Lab Incharge

Concrete Laboratory Gallery

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