Team Structure

Team Structure

Sr.# Role Name
1 Director Dr. Imran Javed
2 Industrial Liaison Committee Ahsan Shabir, Abid Nazir, Talib Hussain
3 Career Counseling & Placement Committee M. Waqas, Waqar Tahir, Asif Raza, Mirza Khalid Hayat
4 Skills Development Committee Ehtasham Naseer, Ms. Madiha Sultan, M. Saddam, Engr. Madiha Sultan, Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain
5 IT Administrator Abdul Ghafoor
6 Messenger Mr. Khurram

Industrial Liaison Committee

  1. This committee is responsible for establishing linkages with industries, recruitment organizations and alumni and will use these linkages to arrange internships, industrial visits and seminars for students.
  2. This committee will seek the feedback from industry and will help the university to direct its missions and goals according to the requirements of industries.
  3. This committee will build and maintain close working relationship and MOUs with different industries, organization, and universities both at national and international level for professional trainings of students.

Career Counseling & Placement Committee

  1. This committee will provide counseling services to students to help them to choose most appropriate careers according to their interests and needs.
  2. This committee will also provide counseling services to students to pursue higher studies at national and international level.
  3. This committee will work with industrial liaison committee and alumni to accommodate the graduates for jobs in public and private sector organizations.
  4. This committee will explore possible career opportunities from different sources related to jobs, scholarships and internships and will advertise these opportunities on university website for intimation to students.
  5. This committee will forward shortlisted candidates to the recruitment organizations against the advertised posts.

Skills Development Committee

  1. This committee will organize different professional and personality development activities for students to improve and enhance their skills.
  2. Typically this committee may organize following activities:
  3. Career development workshops
  4. Professional trainings on different engineering fields
  5. Counseling sessions
  6. Effective resume writing
  7. Mock interview sessions
  8. Successful interview and job skills
  9. Confidence-building activities
  10. Communication skills related activities etc.