Director’s Message:

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Dr. Imran Javed:
Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is a vital part of administrative and academic structure of QCET. Our focus is to help the university to achieve the excellence in all its academic and administrative matters and to fulfill the university’s vision to develop itself as a Centre of Excellence of professional education with recognition at both national and international level. For this purpose, QEC is developing and implementing systematic procedures and practices for evaluation and enhancement of different quality parameters related to students, faculty, staff, academic programs and departmental infrastructure. Our main objective is to use the self-assessment activities in all academic and administrative units, identify the demerits and then implement action plan to improve the overall performance. We are working under all the guidelines and standards prescribed by HEC’s QAA and UET Lahore to improve the overall quality of education at QCET, Sahiwal.

“Quality begins on the inside…and then works its way out”.


• To develop effective procedures and practices for quality enhancement in all academic programs and administrative units of QCET”


“• To implement best quality assurance policies and procedures at QCET to transform it into a Centre of Excellence of professional education with recognition at both national and international level.”


  • QEC is committed to provide the excellence in teaching, educational services and faculty development programs in their respective model.
  • To review and monitor the internal and external academic audit by using Self-Assessment.
  • Enhancement for Research & Development facilities.
  • To improve and maintain academic standards.
  • Monitor and enhance students’ learning.
  • To ensure the existing programs meet their objectives and institutional goals.
  • Providing the feedback for quality assurance of academic programs and services.
  • To promote public confidence that the quality and standards of the award of degrees are enhanced and safeguarded.
  • To review quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject.
  • To review academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standard and quality of programs.
  • To define clear and explicit standards as points of reference for the reviews to be carried out.
  • To meet the challenges of global compatibility in higher education.
  • To develop a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality assurance in higher education sector of the country.
  • To produce manpower which could serve the society in an efficient, effective and honest way.
  • To develop and update Quality Assurance Process and evaluation methodology to promote research culture at the University.