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Civil Engineering Department

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Location:- Ground Floor Mechanical Engineering Block

Lab Objective:- To determine the viscosity oil using Redwood viscometer. To locate the position of metacenter and center of gravity of a floating body and determination of metacentric height. To determine hydrostatic pressure. To determine the coefficient of discharge for notches. To determine the co-efficient of discharge for various types of orifices. To determine the coefficient of discharge of venturimeter. To verify Stokes law. To verify Bernoullis principle. To study free and forced vortex. To determine energy losses in pipe bends. To calibrate Bourdon gauge through dead weight apparatus. To determine the head loss due to friction for flow of water through rough pipe/smooth pipe. To determine pressure head using manometer. To draw characteristics curves of the centrifugal pump. To draw characteristics curves of the Pelton wheel. To investigate the types of flow. To find coefficient of drag. To study the characteristics of Kaplan turbine.

Courses Taught:- Fluid Mechanics

Adequacy for Instruction:- Excellent

Software Available if Applicable:- Ansys

Major Equipment:-:- Mano meter apparatus, Metacentric height apparatus, Orifice and jet flow apparatus, Bernoulli's apparatus, Pipe friction apparatus, Free and force vortex apparatus, Impact of jet apparatus, Pitut tube apparatus, Osborne Reynold's apparatus, Flow channel apparatus, Hydrostatic pressure apparatus.

Safety Regulations:- Helmets and gloves are mandatory to use while performing laboratory experiments. Presence of “Lab Assistant” is mandatory while performing experiments. Also, the Extra care is required for delicate and sensitive apparatus

Awais Awan
Lab Incharge

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Gallery

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