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Civil Engineering Department

Thermodynamic Laboratory

Location:- Ground Floor Mechanical Engineering Block

Lab Objective:- To investigate the first law and Second law of thermodynamic using heat Engine
To investigate the relation between pressure and temperature of Saturated Steam using Marcet Boiler.
Study of Steam Bench
To determine the mechanical power produced by the Francis turbine
Determination of Dryness Fraction of Steam using Steam Bench.
Study of the processes of Heat Engine
Study of the Steam Engine.
Study of the 2 Stroke Petrol Engine.
Study of the 4 Stroke Petrol Engine.
Study of the 4 Stroke Diesel Engines.
Study of the Wankel Engines.
To investigate the performance characteristics of two stage Air Compressor
To determine the pressure losses in pipes with different sizes of profile
To determine the Airflow rate using Orifice Flow measuring devices
To determine the indicated work of Air Compressor (1st Stage only) from P-v diagram
Study of the steam turbine
Study of the fire tube boiler
Introduction of the Rankin Cycler (Steam Power plant)
To Study the single Cylinder Steam Engine

Courses Taught:- Thermodynamics 1, Thermodynamics 2, IC engine and Power plant

Adequacy for Instruction:- Excellent

Software Available if Applicable:-

Major Equipment:-:- Demonstration model of 2-stroke petrol engine, Demonstration model of 2-stroke diesel engine, Demonstration model of 4-stroke petrol engine, Demonstration model of 4-strokeDiesel engine, 4-stroke engine structural model, Marine boiler, Electric generator, Demonstration model of steam engine, Cochran (vertical) Boiler, Factory model of steam unit, Pump hoisted with generator, Engine test bed, Steam power plant, Plani meter (analogue/ digital), Francis turbine., Single Stage centrifugal compressor, Impulse Turbine, cut model of car

Safety Regulations:- Helmets and gloves are mandatory to use while performing laboratory experiments. Presence of “Lab Assistant” is mandatory while performing experiments. Also, the Extra care is required for delicate and sensitive apparatus

Ali Raza
Lab Incharge

Thermodynamic Laboratory Gallery

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