Placement Bureau Cell - Introduction

Placement Bureau Cell (PBC)



The mission of the Placement Bureau Cell (PBC) is to bridge the gap between Institution, Industries and the Alumni for developing, adopting, and implementing the recruitment and marketing events with those programs that assist the missions of QCET.  These programs will complement and enhance the desired outcomes of recruitment, retention, graduation rate, image assessment, inter-school relations, and other special training programs and services.


The Office of Placement Bureau Cell (PBC) embraces the challenges to assist the QCET in the growth of enrollment for graduate students. This initiative will aid the graduates in finding employment according to their interests and skills. With continuous improvement in our service, we will expect the QCET to exceed the previous year’s student enrollment in every coming year.

Relationship of the PBC’s Mission with the QCET’s Mission

The Office of Placement Bureau Cell has demonstrated its commitment to completing the mission of QCET and the Division of Management.  The office will continue to recognize, attract, and enroll the desired quantity and quality of traditional and nontraditional students.  Additionally, the office facilitates the transitional processes to enhance the retention rate.