Mechanical Engineering Department - Introduction



It is a universally acknowledged fact that Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all engineering disciplines. The development on this planet owes a lot to Mechanical Engineering, which deals with designing, manufacturing, installation and operation of mechanical devices, machinery and systems. As one of the broadest and most vital branches of engineering disciplines, it mixes the core traditional engineering principles with emerging technologies to create innovative solutions of design problems.

Ever since its inception in 2016, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been imparting quality education to students, with a view to produce engineers, who can contribute positively both at national and international levels. Owing to the broad-based curriculum, a degree in Mechanical Engineering enables our graduate to seek and secure job almost anywhere in the country or abroad.

The Department has a team of highly qualified, motivated and experienced faculty, which remains involved in multifarious teaching and research activities. Various on job trainings and professional development courses keep the faculty abreast of the latest trends in teaching and research around the world.

The Department offers BSc program in Mechanical Engineering. The BSc Engineering Program is affiliated with University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore. Similarly, the curricula of our BSc program is very well designed according to the recommendations and guidelines of HEC and PEC.

The program equips students with a solid foundation in basic scientific and mathematical knowledge, The Department has fully equipped laboratories of fields like thermo-fluids, structures and materials, production and manufacturing Processes. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is following Washington Accord’s instructions to implement Out Come Based Education (OBE), being an emerging and standardized concept in teaching and learning.

Education is more than just the human interaction with books and machines. We believe that it is the discovery of the self and soul and the seeking of truth. The Department lays an equitable emphasis upon all those pursuits, in which students find opportunities of discovering themselves and polishing their latent skills and abilities. It results in cultivating positive attitudes, values and soft skills, which will prepare them for competitive industrial environment as responsible and positive citizens.

Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

The mission of the mechanical engineering department is to provide our students with an outstanding education that prepares them for engineering practice and cope with challenges at personnel to national level. Perform relevant service activities for the university, the mechanical engineering profession and to prepare them for Successful Careers.

Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering